icon_bau2Ever since our firm was founded, one of the main priorities of our work has been building and real estate law. Renowned clients such as developers, investors, contractors, project financers, or the building sector place their trust in us and our many years of experience. We have rendered assistance to a large number of high-end transactions in Central and Eastern Europe. As specialists, we are offering solutions for the entire cycle of a real estate property. This includes construction contracts, planning contracts, development contracts, lease agreements, the sale and purchase of real estate, and public-law approval procedures. Moreover, we have acquired profound experience in building and construction law suits.


icon_vergabeThe public sector is the most important customer for construction, deliveries, and services. At approximately 49 billion euros, Austria’s procurement volume accounts for 17% of its GDP. Procurement law is a complex matter which requires a high degree of specialization. We are among the leading procurement law experts, and our clients in this area include renowned public customers and contractors who put their trust in our expertise. We provide advice relating to the organization of procurement procedures and tender documents, the implementation of public infrastructure projects, the participation in public tenders, as well as the challenging of contract award processes before procurement control authorities.


icon_mergerCorporate law is a core part of our consulting activities. We consult our clients in the formation of companies, corporate divestments and acquisitions, due diligence reviews, as well as restructuring, mergers, management buyouts, venture capital and private equity transactions, employee participation schemes, takeovers, or joint ventures. Our area of activities is quite comprehensive. In addition, we can also offer ongoing advice on group and company law, which covers a wide spectrum. Moreover, the enforcement of shareholders’ interests, both in shareholder meetings and before courts, is part of our main tasks.


icon_urheberrecht2The protection of intellectual property can have a decisive impact on business success or failure. We provide support for the registration of trademarks, utility models, designs, and patents – both with the Austrian authorities and with the responsible international trademark and patent offices. We also provide advice in connection with licensing and sale or purchase of inventions, know-how, and trademarks. We offer support in the defence of alleged claims against third-party rights and, vice-versa, we enforce claims before court in case our clients’ own intellectual property rights are infringed.


icon_prozess2Enforcing legal and economic interests requires determined litigation. Our lawyers are specialists in this area. We consult and represent our clients before national courts as well as in arbitration proceedings, proceedings before the European courts, or administrative proceedings before public law courts. Through careful preparation, we can render the risk of court proceedings calculable.


icon_familienWe have expertise in the most personal areas of economic life, where instinct and determination are in great demand. We provide advice in the management of asset transfer, the challenging of testamentary dispositions, contracts under family law or divorces, and relevant issues such as the distribution of assets, support claims, or visitation rights.


icon_privateWe advise our private clients on structuring and managing their assets. This area of our work includes consultation and formation of private foundations, support to family enterprises, successor planning, and the management of complex estates.


icon_strafCriminal law is becoming increasingly significant in economic life. Apart from individuals, companies themselves can be held criminally liable. Activities to clamp down on corruption are intensifying. The mere introduction of criminal investigations and the media attention they attract can have a dramatic economic impact. We represent our clients before criminal authorities and courts, provide advice in ongoing official and criminal investigations, and defend our clients in court.


icon_unternehmensOur areas of activity include advicing companies on all issues of general commercial and business law. These cover the drafting of all kinds of corporate cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions as well as consultation on corporate law matters on a daily basis.


icon_itWe offer advice and legal solutions on all aspects of information technology. This ranges from regulatory issues regarding the telecommunications sector to outsourcing projects and all kinds of IT contracts, internet and multimedia law, the design of e-commerce solutions and media law.


icon_oeffentlichesThe range of our consulting services encompasses all areas of public business law. The regulatory framework in which companies operate is subject to ongoing adjustments. Our advice focuses on environmental, trade and plant permit law, building and zoning law, hospital law, telecommunications law, food law and pharmaceutical law as well as law on state funding and aid.


icon_vetriebWe advise our clients on all issues of Austrian and European competition and cartel law, particularly in connection with mergers, acquisitions, all types of business cooperation such as sales, distribution or R&D collaboration. We offer solutions for the organisation of sales structures, we draw up franchise, commercial agency, or dealer agreements, and we examine existing systems as to their compliance with cartel law. In addition, we provide support in enforcing or defending claims relating to unfair competition.


icon_medizinMedical professions are subject to strict regulatory regimes. Social security law and professional codes of practice generate a complex set of conditions. In addition, physicians and hospitals are increasingly faced with liability lawsuits. We provide advice in connection with the establishment of group practices, defence against liability claims as well as all other regulatory issues.


icon_arbeitWe provide advice on all aspects of labour law – from the beginning to the end of an employment contract. We have a solution to labour law issues related to restructuring, outsourcing, company closures, production relocations, and company transfers, or the drawing up of manager contracts. We also have profound experience with proceedings before labour courts.


Effective counselling tailored to the clients specific interests and needs presupposes that there is an understanding of the client’s business. Our clients are involved in various sectors within a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. We have the expertise to handle nearly every commercial dispute.

We advise and represent clients in the following sectors:

  • Advertising and communication
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Banks and Financial services
  • Construction industry, associated building trades
  • Food industry
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • IT, telecommunications
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Media
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Property development
  • Research and development
  • Textiles manufacture and marketing